Monday, June 2, 2008

Idyllic Days

I have very little to blog about; my life is unusually quiet. I'm trying to stir things up a little, but to no avail. My former students finally understand that I will not spend my summer responding to their e-mail messages, my son is preparing for graduation and prom (he's taking a sprinter to the prom, right on for him choosing an athlete), I'm looking for a smaller habitat (I'm tired of cleaning this house and I have too much space in which to accumulate more stuff), and I'll be in Paris in two weeks.

My day now consists of reading, writing, walking twice per day, and weeding out my library. Yes, for the second time in my life I am selectively choosing books to give away. I am a bit disheartened, but I also know that I do not need copies of Brecht and Hesse's works in German, and my collection of Spanish short stories from high school I'll probably never read again. However, I am keeping all of my books in French because I'm applying for a Fulbright to Senegal. I've been having a great time studying French again.

My son is in his own world. Wheeled up to my house this weekend in his father's car and it dawned on me that he is grown (he's been telling me this for a year or two, but I've been ignoring him).

Nothing has changed in the political arena. I want Clinton to drop out the race, Obama to win, and a dear and wonderful friend of mine to test the national political scene because he has outgrown the environment he's in (hint, hint if you are reading this blog).

The tiger lilies in my front yard are in bloom, the azaleas are spent, and I need to plant some annuals. But I'm too lazy to even mow the lawn these days. I have a wonderful neighbor who must take pity on me because he mows my lawn. We laugh about the fact that between the two of us we have four boys who are too busy to mow the lawn. But I must confess, I never mowed my father's lawn either. He didn't want me to mess it up.

Everything is quiet, and hopefully I'll have something more interesting to post tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


Sons are wonderful, aren't they! But, his sturdy independence is what you've been working for, so it's all good!

I am so glad to hear one of us is making it to Paris! I'm headed to Berkeley [sigh]...but you never know!

Keep writing! You inspire me!



Brandi said...

I am so proud of David Malik... A Sprinter... SMILE!

M. L. Simms said...

Regina, have a good time in Berkeley. I love Berkeley. Yes, Brandi, I'm glad that he's taking an athlete to the prom. I think this may have something to do with your influence on him.