Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Malik

Eighteen years ago, my mother sat up all night with me while I held a heating pad to my lower back and sipped mother's milk tea. My mother never hinted that I was in labor, but by 9:08 p.m., January 30, 1990, I was holding an 8 lb. 1/2 oz. baby boy in my arms. His father and I named him David Malik Burton.

Today he awakened at 5:30 a.m., as he has done since the first day that he came in this world. I marvel at how quickly the years have passed; how resilient of character my son is; and how he has steadfastly remained on track, gracious, and humble. Despite major life changing events that he has endured, he has never caused me a moment's worry. He has always made the right decision amidst overwhelming obstacles. He has learned to weather disappointment and keep it in perspective, and he has celebrated his accomplishments with a quiet sense of pride.

I know that our relationship is shifting, that he is a young man, and I am the mother who still hovers too closely, fears too much, and sleeps too lightly. But as my parents always told each of their children, "you will always be my baby." My son will always be my baby. When I am old and he is helping me get up and down the stairs or unscrewing the lid off a jar, he will still be my baby.


Karry said...

Happy Birthday, Malik! Michele, this post prompted me to call my mother. Thanks for sharing.

Judy said...

Happy belated birthday to your wonderful young man. When you said he will always be your baby it reminded me of the picture book, Love You Forever.What a touching tribute you have written about him. He deserves every word of acknowledgment, and you deserve to be proud of the job you have done raising him!!!Congratulations!!!!

ssascms said...

Michele, in recognition of this day, I'll "turn the clock back" and I'll share with you Mom's written note to me that was inside an Ellen Brenneman greeting card in which the printed message was especially for me: (Jan 29th)"Hi Baby, Do miss you and our peaceful solitude. Home is truly where the heart is. All is going well and it is a case of enlightment being in this environment. Michele is doing well and above average as always. She and David are handling this newness with great tenacity. As for me, I am here. I do believe I will be of greater need after the blessed event. Right now - OH Hum! So, until that time, I shall keep out of the way and remain a pillar of support. I do miss you and I am looking forward to observing the next stage of this development. Talk to you soon. Love, Mom."
PS (Jan 30) "At 9:08PM on this day, Jan. 30, 1990, I helped with the deliver(y) of our grandson to our daughter Michele. Little David weighted in at 8lb 1oz. Stretched to 20-1/2 in long and is the apple of his daddy's eye. Love you."
So, Jan 30, 1990 was another grand day for Mom as she again took part in the event of another generation entering this world.


E. said...

A sacred bond indeed.

I know that my journey has been so informed by my mother's path that her struggles, disappointments, misunderstandings, abuses and problems have become my strengths, my powers, my wisdom.

You 2 will always be together, throughout time, transforming and healing each other's path.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 U both and to all that reflect and share your connection.