Friday, December 5, 2008

End of the Semester and Cold

It is the end of the semester. Students are jockeying for grades. The pleas are coming in: even telephone calls from parents. And my resolve is crumbling. Like them, I just want it all to be over. Unlike some of my students, I am obligated to do the work to get to the finish line.

It is colder than usual in northern Virginia. I picked up my son from the metro so that we could retrieve his tuxedo. He looks so good in it. Hopefully, he will also remember to wear his topcoat, which he tried to convince me not to buy. He swears that he will never put on a tuxedo again. Oh, yes he will even if he has to escort me to a formal affair. Anyway, I have asked him to take pictures. Hopefully he will.

There is a lot of anti-Africomm buzz in and around metro DC. As soon as I get a handle on it, I will blog about it.


E. said...

Yeah, it is quiet around here about Africomm, but what African nation is going to sign off on that without force?

E. said...

This is not unlike the International Court. The rich nations are exempt and external, transnational forces sit in external judgement of poor nations based on their values and interests.

M.L. Simms said...

So true. My African friends recently from the continent state that Africomm will never establish a permanent military presence on the continent. Hey, but African nations did not agree to colonialism and invasion either. I suppose I'm not as optimistic as some of my friends are.