Monday, February 18, 2008

A Family's Tenacity

When I reflect on my childhood, I marvel at the sheer tenacity that my parents exhibited in rearing four children, and born within five years, in Detroit, Michigan during the 1960s and 1970s. I revel in the fact that I never felt emotionally, physically, or financially deprived. I always knew that my mother would be at home waiting for me when I arrived from school. And, yes, true to the nature of a post Second World War homemaker, my mother often had warm, toll house cookies and cold milk to be consumed when my siblings and I arrived home from school.

In rearing my own son, I realize how different his life has been from mine. As an only child he has benefited from his parents' undivided attention. But also as an only child, he's never had the joy and frustration of having a sibling share a bedroom with him, take the last pancake, or grab the car keys and back out the driveway just when you decided you had to drive cross town to see the love of your life; or so you thought.

I am extremely grateful to my parents for the love, care, and security that they rendered me. It is their love that allows me to be the achiever that I am, to take risks knowing that no matter what happens, I will land on my feet. I hope that I have provided my son with the same sense of security so that he will continue to be confident and have high self esteem, and take calculated risks.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed great career successes that brought me joyous moments during my 37+ years with the Department of Army. But, my most joyous moments were realized to the maximum each time I came home and was greeted by the most beautiful (and sexy) wife in the world, and four of the world's most beautiful children. I will live with those wonderful lmoments for the rest of my life. And, I'm sure "Mom" is smiling down on us each and every day.



M. L. Simms said...

Yes, dad. It was nice being one of yours and mom's children.