Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Landslide for Obama in Chesapeake Primary

The polls predicted that Obama would beat out Clinton by 20%. However, he won by a landslide while his opponent, Senator Clinton, scurried out of town to Texas to court the hispanic vote.

Clinton's loss in metro DC should send a loud message to those voters who are still undecided. Her loss echoes how Clinton and her husband, former president Clinton, were not the favored couple in this area during the president's administration. They were acerbic, less than polite, and ruffled the feathers of more than one of the power brokers in metro DC; that is, they lacked decorum and protocol. And the former president's entire administration was involved in one crisis after another: Travel Gate, White Water, and Monica Lewinsky, to name a few. While our former president may have done right by the economy (some economists argue it was just a matter of timing and the nature of business cycles), we must recall his botched state visit to Africa, where he looked not only flustered by the throngs of Africans excitedly greeting him, but he also looked afraid.

Okay, senator Clinton should not be held responsible for her husband's indiscretions. But recall that the joke during our former president's administration was that former president Clinton was taking orders from his wife. Uh, hum.

Loyalty to the public and sustaining the public's trust are tantamount to the character of a leader. Neither Bill nor Hillary has displayed such character. They will bait and switch, curry the public, and say anything to garner and retain power. Do we really want another four years of the keystone cops couple?

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E. said...

Wow. That read so easily...

Anyway, how do you feel about this opinion I read? One radio personality feels that Obama was "picked" to centralize the Clintons and that it has backfired on them.

I wasn't too fond of Hillary when she visited here either.

As for Bill.....I couldn't believe the monument he left on Goree Island, Senegal. When I saw it....I was like....

is this serious?

He's crazy.

thanks for that one....smooth writing...i could hear the voice.