Thursday, February 14, 2008

Let The Voters Decide

I've decided to forward to you an e-mail message received from my father regarding the concerns regarding the DNC Super Delegates. Read and take action if you are concerned. And Happy Valentine's Day.

Dear Charles M.,

Sign the petition to make sure Democratic voters decide our nominee, not the party elite

This is an unprecedented year. Thirty-seven states and U.S. territories have already voted and we don't have a clear nominee. Senators Clinton and Obama are in a delegate race to the nomination.

There are a lot of ways that delegates get assigned to a specific candidate, but almost all of the allocated delegates are directly tied and bound by the actual votes in each primary or caucus -- all of them that is, except super-delegates.

Super-delegates are a contingent of almost 900 elected officials, party insiders, and current DNC members and they aren't required to follow the voters. In fact, after every Democrat has voted and the last allocated delegates are assigned, super-delegates have the power to overturn the popular vote and crown a different winner.

That's right, if super-delegates don't like who you choose to be our nominee, they can overturn your vote. We can't let that happen. Our nominee must be chosen by Democratic voters, not by back room deals of the party elite. Sign our petition now to let the voters decide:

We must respect the 20 million Democrats who have already voted and the millions more who will vote before the convention. It's up to us to make sure the almost 900 super-delegates do the right thing.

Sign the petition today and we'll deliver all of the signatures directly to super-delegates.

And this is just the beginning of our campaign to let the voters decide. The longer it takes to win, the more we'll escalate the campaign. We'll write letters, make calls, and hold media events. Because when it comes to protecting the will of Democratic primary voters, DFA members know exactly where we stand.

Thank you for taking action today.


Charles Chamberlain
Political Director

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E. said...

(sigh) this disheartens me and makes me feel next to powerless. I'm all for signing the petition. But isn't there a deeper issue here? The people aren't being trusted. But then distrust often lives in the heart of a guilty party.

How much power does the petition really have?

Can change be forced in a peaceful manner?

This is heinous.

M. L. Simms said...
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M. L. Simms said...


I'm unsure how much weight a petition has, but I'll investigate and let you know.