Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Holler Out to Friends and Family, But Especially Friends

You know, I spoke with two very close friends of mine last night; I have been friends with both of these individuals since I was 13 and 14 years old. One friend has a particularly demanding career, and I am always cognizant of the time he sets aside to provide me guidance and emotional sustenance. And the other friend, my best girlfriend, is always available to help me negotiate those minefields that only women negotiate. Also, it seems that no matter how much time has lapsed since our last conversations, we resume our interactions as if time has stood still.

I marvel at the tenacity of our friendships, at its openness and level of commitment. I know that friendships are sometimes more difficult to maintain than relations with family. No matter what, your family is your family, but you get to choose your friends. For a lot of you reading this blog, we have been friends for years. So this morning, I just want to thank you for decades and years of friendship, for your unwaivering support, and the tenacity of your spirit and commitment. And for my new friends reading the blog, I look forward to the blossoming of our relations. Thank you.

If you haven't read Tyehimba Jess's "Leadbelly," please check it out. And if you do not normally read poetry, Jess's "Leadbelly" is an excellent way to get into some poetry. Yes, it is about the blues man Leadbelly. And for you Detroiters reading this blog, Jess grew up on Appoline and Cambridge and attended U of D high school. He's from my hood. Check him out.

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