Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Busy, Cold and Settling in for the Fall

It's busy as always in my life. Pulling teeth with students at Howard who still won't buy books. One student suggested that I scan in pages from June Jordan's collection of poetry, "Directing Desire," and e-mail the pages in .pdf to the students. Now, my dear parents out there, we have raised a generation of totally inept young people who will do nothing for themselves if you allow it. I pray that my son isn't at Howard University suggesting to his professors that they scan in pages from the textbooks that he should have bought!

Saw the first frost Monday morning; I'm always unprepared for the cold. But it's good to have a change of season, I am forced to slow down because the days are shorter, and I have absolutely no energy when the sun doesn't shine.

Reading Gene Andrew Jarrett's "Deans and Truants." Well, I'm yelling at the book, literally and figuratively, while I'm reading it. I'm reviewing it for a journal. The book is very problematic. When I finish writing the review and it is published, I'll add the URL to the blog if you are interested in reading the review.

All is well, it's rough being middle-age, single, and woman. I thought that this would be the prime of my life, but it's not working out that way. So I'll retreat to the only world that is completely comprehensible to me: books!

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E. said...

I don't understand why students don't value their books? I know everybody is trying to save, so I understand....

but books have a special value. You can have a relationship with them. Read and re-read them and have a different opinion of them, or a deeper understanding.

Plus...if you've had a book for can tell a story about how you lost it, got it back, somebody borrowed or stole it, etc....

As for the doesn't seem to bother me. Some days I wear sandals.

I'm puzzled Michele.

I would think that your life has so much freedom. Each day a new possibility to create. Any spirit can come and go based on your always said that humans are social beings.

Still...u you know u better than anyone.

I appreciate that you're always so honest.