Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I know that for some of my friends, today represents the beginning of European genocide of the Native American and African, and the onset of European hegemony. But for some, it is a day to get together with friends and family and to eat too much.

Johnny is responsible for the turkey this year. The women in our Starbucks crew have spent time schooling the brother. My goal is not to take over, and allow Johnny to figure it out (he cajoled me into preparing nearly the entire dinner last year, doing the grocery shopping, and even purchasing table linens). He's going to put the turkey in the oven and drive 30 miles each way to run an errand. Oh well, there goes a moist turkey. But hey, it's on him. My best friend dropped off some crab cakes last Saturday. Yes, a guy, and he cooks better than I do. So I've just filled my belly with two delicious Maryland style crab cakes; if the turkey isn't good, I won't be hungry.

One of my weaknesses is helping men who pretend to be helpless or needy. But I'm not going for it any longer. I have a self-sufficient 18 year old son, so I know it's possible for men to take care of their domestic needs, if they want to take care of them.

The younger Michele used to walk into a man's environment and straighten it out. The new Michele knows that if any person lives in a domestic environment in a state of chaos, it's because either he doesn't care how he lives or he is incapable of creating a habitable domestic space. Either way, it's not my job to fix anything.

When I walk into my father's home, it is neat, orderly, and clean. Having always seen my mother take care of the home, I presumed my father was incapable of taking care of domestic matters. But to the contrary, he's real good at maintaining his home.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving; don't eat too much; and I will blog tomorrow about Johnny's turkey.


Johnny said...

Thanks to you Shelly, I can add turkey-roasting to my cooking resume. By the way I tried calling Honey Baked Ham but they said that it was too late to place orders for Thanksgiving so I resorted to Google as you are well aware. I was determined to find a free-range organic bird. Thanks for the compliments; I will not question your sincerity :)

Thanks Shelly!

M.L. Simms said...

Johnny, your turkey was good. We all ate some. Touchee to Josh for manning the turkey while you took care of some very important business. Oh, and as for the free-range organic turkey, that's for another conversation.

E. said...

I keep the crib up! (smile) Thanksgiving or no thanksgiving....and forced to cook daily, which is fun over time.