Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An Obama White House

He won! And for one day we will celebrate, dispense of the cynicism, and relish in a major victory. For today it doesn't matter if we think that Obama's win won't radically alter the power structure in this country that subjugates people of color and African Americans; it doesn't matter if some of us believe that African Americans are not part of the body politic; it doesn't matter if some intellectuals are announcing that we are in a post-racial moment--let us celebrate for Barack and Michelle Obama, their children, and all those persons who believed that it was possible for an African American to ascend to the highest political position in this country and to one of the most influential positions in the world. For one day, let us celebrate. Remember to turn counterclockwise as you dance and yes, the ring shout is permitted.


Anonymous said...

Yes We Can! And Yes We Did!

I'm not an "old" man per se, but I HAVE been on this earth for 76 years. Because I have seen and experienced both down-right blatant and subtle racism, experiences that I purposely never shared with my children and seldom did I share with Shirley my best friend and my beloved wife, I truly believed I would never see a Black man as the president of these United States. But, I have lived to see such an historic moment. For that, I feel blessed and privileged.

My experiences tell me Barack is truly a "born" leader with superb if not rare organizational qualities. He is not intimidated by the presence of people who may be "smarter". He is not intimidated by the presence of those who may not agree with him and who are willing to tell him so. He is an excellent listner who is more than willing to accept sound advice from anyone. He is quick to give credit to anyone who brings forth a better idea; a better plan. He merely wants those smart solid individuals on his team who share in his visions, his objectives and his goals. Thus, Barack will quickly surround himself with these type individuals. (My Note: I certainly hope he asks Gates to remain as Secy of Def, and I hope Gates accepts.)

Finally, I hope the media within the immediate future, cease referring to Barack as the first BLACK/AFRICAN AMERICAN president. We all know it and we are exceedingly proud. And, the world is aware and is now looking forward to a changed improved America. I truly believe Barack is a president for all people in these United States. To continue with the emphasis that he is Black/African American does nothing but feed fuel to the fire of ignorant racism that is still too prevalent among many. He is the President of the United States for all people, who just happens to be Black/African American

Yes! We Did!


Autumn Bentley-Gordon said...

I completely agree with my grandfather... I hope the media wil stop referring to him as the first black president. We all know that he is black. Let's focus on the fact that he is ALL od our president.
On another note, as a younger person, I am so excited to be an American. Even more excited as I look to my children's future and see that they will live in a world that knows that ANYONE can achieve ANYTHING. I makes me so happy that Darnell and I chose this time to bring two beautiful children into this world. I'm so happy for our newest addition, Haily. It's a beautiful world we live in today.
Lastly, I'm so excited becuase I know that the way the world views our nation has changed and I think that the whole world will improve with this view.

E. said...

I love the brother.

But his mother can equally claim him in terms of racial identity.

The transcendental vibe and the excellence of the man's ability and the divinity of his path are what rest on my heart as most important.

I really don't personally see him as much as a black president. He didn't grow up like all the black men I know....

more importantly I see him as a brother, regardless of and beyond his "race".

A proud moment indeed. For all of us and we face the world in a new way...

Anonymous said...

Obama has made a commitment as all our forefathers made. He desires to stand for, share and express all that he thinks about and/or discusses with friend and foe, as so many of us have done and do.

Instead of Barack Obama's conversations ending with the familiar - giving one another a hi-five or embracing one another and wishing us well, pleading for one to have a good next day and to be careful on the drive home, he was driven to share his voice of opinions with the Universe. Once he made this decision, checked to see if Michelle was on board, he found/sought the better platform he could use express his opinion (knowing he would be judged) and execute his plans (knowing he would be judged with the possibility of being misjudged) to embraced his passion in order to live up to what he was born to do.

I agree, the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America is monumental - to say the least, and highly reflective of a spiritual persona/world phenomena wave - at best. This journey is consistent with fulfilling a void in a moment of space in time in the lives of individuals who did or did not vote for this man. We make of this election what we decide or choose to make of it.

Existing factors will and shall remain constant and as thinking human beings, believers of peace on planet earth and equality I am confident we will settle into the posture of feeling rewarded for prayer, fasting, tolerance, etc. and move on to the greater, thicker matter of things - our reality, our permanent existence in America and in the world.

I believe this moment must be seen as not long coming nor as long overdue, but as a moment that is just what it is - a moment for an event that inspires some and depresses a majority of nonbelievers and the like. A moment not to sit and rest but merely a moment to exhale in a sense. As a moment to become very energized and most importantly as a moment to respect a clear vision and to embrace the tenacity to make a change in oneself.

The greater good comes from the respect we give one another and to all our ancestors whose sacrifices allowed us to be tolerant and not complacent. The burden of our self-worth does not rest on the shoulders of yet another man who decided he had but one decision to make in life and that was to stand for what he believes in - that what he believes in is substantiated by his personal sacrifice of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The burden rest upon our desire to accept one another for who we are and to truly respect our differences.

Inspiration stimulated by Barack's stand requires individual aspiration by all who were duly inspired.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm Darnell plans do not include you so be careful of that man you call your husband